Your login will be the email address and your password.

Please read through these instructions.

Create a login and type a SELLER’S CODE that is specific to you. Share this code with family and friends through email or your private social media. Let customers know when orders are due by. When your customers use your code, YOU get credit for that sale.

When a customer purchases a product, the options of SHIPPING to their location or LOCAL DELIVERY are available. When they choose “SHIPPING”, their purchase will be sent directly to them from Sunflower Fundraising. When a customer chooses “LOCAL DELIVERY,” the product will be delivered to your organization, which will be distributed to you, to deliver directly to your customer. Please deliver your customer’s products as soon as you can, so they are received in a timely manner.

Let your customers know why you’re raising money and how it will benefit your organization! Remind your customers that the Holidays are around the corner and there are many great gift options available on the website!

Let your customers know that ALL the products are PROUDLY made locally by small businesses!

Send out a reminder notification to your customers a couple days before the due date in case they forgot to make a purchase. Let them know how close you are to your goal.